Origin of Our Name

Petra is the Greek word for rock, implying strength, reliability, consistency and durability, all characteristics of the services provided by Petra Life Services. In the Christian Bible, Jesus Christ is seen as a rock and He even says He will build His church on the rock of faith and Holy Spirit insight given to Peter, whose Greek name is Petros, a variation of the word Petra.

We believe that a life insurance company operates much like the early church in the Book of Acts, collecting from those able (premiums) and distributing to those in need (death benefits). Thus, our passion is for life insurance because it is a tool for the creation (an essentially divine trait) of security which focuses on “widows and orphans in their distress.” (James 1:27)

As Christians, we are to bring life and service to those in need, regardless of their beliefs, faith or economic or social status. Our motivation comes from knowing what Christ did for us, responding to His grace, and being obedient of His call to service to others.

Keys of St. Peter – The image of the Keys of St. Peter comes from Matthew 16:19 when Christ gives Peter “the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” Keys are often associated with the opening of closed doors, the removing of obstacles and the unlocking of treasure, all consistent with Petra Life Services’ vision to unlock the mystery of how life insurance works, to help clients understand how the product can remove risks from their financial circumstances and to help them create a valuable legacy, consistent with their personal passions.