Why Petra

“So why should I consider using a fee only consultant to help me make sure my life insurance meets my needs?  Isn’t that what my agent is supposed to do?  I am already paying more money than I would like to and I don’t really enjoy dealing with the subject.”

We understand.  Based on what our clients have said to us, here are the reasons they have appreciated the work we do.

  • We keep it simple.
  • We are objective.
  • We have unique insights.
  • We are not expensive.
  • We often save much more than our fee.
  • We stay in touch.
  • We are available.

We believe that most life insurance agents are very knowledgeable and professional.  They generally give good advice.  However, they are clearly conflicted.  The commission based compensation system encourages them to sell as much as they can.  It also encourages them to find the next sale rather than spending too much time in ongoing service.

Our business model is structured so we work with your life insurance agent.  We help you objectively assess your situation including the amounts, types and structure of life insurance that are needed to fulfill your goals.  Then we ask your agent to select the company and the specific products that will meet the criteria we provide based on your priorities.

Here are a few situations that have led customers to use our advice:

  • I have 3 friends, all of whom want to sell me a policy.  How do I decide who to use without hurting my relationship with the others?
    • We can help with that process, providing an objective assessment of the agent and the coverage they are recommending, taking the burden off the client.
  • I received a notice that I need to put more money into the policy.  Now my agent wants me to change companies.  Last time he told me I would be done with paying premiums.  I’m confused.
    • Analyzing how much premium to pay can be complicated.  We provide economic analysis coupled with mortality probabilities to help in the decision process. 
  • My father-in-law was told by a representative at his bank that he should drop his existing policy and buy a new one.  He is easily confused about life insurance.  How can I know this change makes sense?
    • Changing policies can certainly be reasonable to consider but an often overlooked opportunity  may be just working with the existing company which already has your coverage and may well have economic advantages for you to make changes within their product line.  An objective review can help determine the best approach.
  • My agent called and wants me to change policies because the life insurance company my policy is with has been in the news.  Obviously he will make a new commission if I change.  Is my policy safe or should I change to another company?
    • Determining the financial strength of a life insurance company is not an easy task.  Past performance and reviews of rating agency assessments do not guarantee good results in the future.  We provide our clients with a regular update of changes in ratings for the companies they use so they can remain informed and we help review the condition of the companies when considering a change.

Please review our simple case studies in The Case for Objectivity, The Case for Insight and The Case for Stewardship to see specific situations where our counsel was used.

Certainly, a consultant is not always needed but an objective, insightful opinion can be very helpful and reassuring and attentive support and advice can help keep your plans up to date and in line with your goals and your changing circumstances.

If you would like to know more please give us a call 205.414.9955. We hope to have the opportunity to be of service to you.

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