Case for Insight

Situation: Recently married and now expecting their first child, they are concerned about the loss of income from the death of either spouse
With a new baby coming, they are also concerned about current cash flow
They share the concern that stock market volatility could destroy the value of death benefits
Insight: C.A.R.E℠ Report clarified the amount of coverage needed
Recommended a combination policy with both lump sum and income benefits, using a new income term policy.

Premium was 12-15% less than traditional policies and the income benefit avoids some of the investment risk of a lump sum policy.


Situation: 61 year old female
Her existing Universal Life policy had an extra premium (a table 7 risk classification) for her medical history including diabetes
A recent application for new coverage with another company had been declined
Insight: L.I.F.E℠ Report suggested a better value might be available
We identified a company more open to diabetes risk with her specific history
Obtained standard rating in a special program!
Reduced premium by 29%


Situation: 38 year old male ( Mr. B)
Term policy used to fund stock buy-out; corporation owns the policy
Insight: L.I.F.E Report
Recommended Mr. C. own the policy - $37,500 potential future tax advantage
Recommended increased coverage reflecting the increased value of the business