Case for Objectivity

Situation: 61 year old small business owner
His Variable Life policy would require $6,000 per year to last for the next 20 years.
Objective Advice: C.A.R.E Report prepared indicated need for more coverage for a limited time
Increased coverage using 10 year and 20 year term policies. Coverage not needed beyond 20 years
Saved 30% in the first year and will save 75% over 20 years!
New coverage is better suited for individual’s needs
Quote: “You listened to my goals and gave me a truly objective view of how much life insurance I really need ”


Situation: 50 year old businessman has accumulated significant case personally and in his business
Typical legacy objectives for family including family income and children’s inheritance.
More than adequate resources to meet legacy objectives.
Had not thought through any charitable goals
Objective Advice: Our Advice: No need for life insurance!
Perhaps consider keeping some for business purposes if needed in the future
Challenged him to consider specific charitable goals.
Quote: “There is no doubt you were objective in your analysis of my situation”


Situation: 55 year old physician, no longer insurable due to health issues
Term policy at the end of level premium period with dramatic premium increase
Objective Advice: C.A.R.E Report shows that the term coverage is no longer needed.
We lapsed policy and obtained refund of over $17,000
Quote: “I was confused. You helped me clarify my goals and then the insurance decision was so easy.”


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