Case for Stewardship

Situation: 55 year old physician
Universal Life policy with a company that was recently downgraded
No contact from agent in many years
Stewardship: C.A.R.E.℠ Report
Our Stewardship Support Program has begun monitoring the universal life policy and the company and will periodically map funding patterns against probabilities of death in light of circumstances as they emerge


Situation: Couple receives notice of the need for more premium for their survivorship policy
Agent recommends that they change to a new policy and new company.
Couple is confused as to what to do, unsure about changing companies.

P.U.R.E.℠ Report
Agent’s representations of options were very biased in favor of the new policy
The recommended policy sacrifices significant cash values for lower premiums
Alternatives with existing insurance company were encouraged for comparison
Modest changes in the current policy address their concerns, providing significant flexibility in their cash value structure
SSP will help keep the policy on schedule

Situation: Older couple no longer concerned about liquidity for estate taxes
Cash values available but beginning to decline since premium is inadequate to keep the policy in force
No contact from agent in many years
Stewardship: L.I.F.E.℠ Report
Discussed selling the policy as a life settlement for more than current cash values
Reviewed alternatives of adequate funding to a 95% likelihood of death so the policy would likely pay full value to the estate.
Economics of keeping the policy, were better than the sale, leading them to fund the policy


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