AGI Support Program

AGI - Accountability Growth ♦ Innovation

If you are
  • Challenged to balance all the tasks on your “to do” list – and deciding between the urgent and the important.
  • Frustrated by your inability to consistently grow your company.
  • Too busy to take a fresh look at your business to find new and innovative ways to satisfy your customers.

 We can help.

  • We know how to set priorities – and can help you hold yourself accountable.
  • We know how to grow a company – having helped grow a small regional company into a national presence with market share impact.
  • We know innovation – having designed new products and services for customers and creative compensation structures for distribution to help align the interests of consumers, the sales organization and the company’s bottom line.

Our AGI Support is customized to your situation:

  • Monthly reviews to encourage progress toward objectives
  • Challenging review of your business plan to generate growth opportunities
  • Strategic marketing and positioning debate to stimulate innovation