Business Services

General Consulting

  • AGI Support Program - Accountability ♦ Growth ♦ Innovation

    • Monthly reviews to encourage progress toward objectives
    • Challenging review of your business plan to generate growth opportunities
    • Strategic marketing and positioning debate to stimulate innovation

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  • Project specific support for life insurance uses and policy performance evaluation.

Business Owned Life Insurance

  • Corporate CARE℠ Package
    • Comprehensive review of corporate owned life insurance
    • Review of benefit programs for alignment with corporate objectives
    • Individualized CARE reports for key executives for their personal planning
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans

    • Customized life insurance plans to compensate and retain key individuals in the business

      • Is life insurance needed?
      • What type of life insurance policy should be used?
      • Which employees should participate and at what amounts?
      • Will existing policies perform as expected?
  • Stock Redemption and Cross-Purchase Buy-Sell Agreements

    • The funding of the responsibility to purchase stock under a Buy-Sell agreement often can be helped with life insurance policies on the shareholders.

      • Which is preferable – a Stock Redemption or a Cross-Purchase Agreement?
      • What is the right type of policy to use?
      • Are existing policies still in alignment with the funding requirements of the agreement?
  • Key person Life Insurance

    Life insurance to help liquidate debts and to help stabilize the company after the premature death of a key person

    • Should you insure or self-insure?
    • Are existing policies cost effective?
    • What amount of coverage and which employees should be covered?
  • Other business related life insurance programs

    • Section 162 Bonus Plans
    • Group Term Life Insurance
    • Voluntary life insurance benefits   

Executive and Employee Services

  • Executive Life Insurance Counseling

    • Many companies recognize the importance of helping their key executives maintain a stable and up-to-date personal financial condition by offering Financial Planning services at company expense. These plans primarily focus on asset accumulation products and we complement that service with our in-depth knowledge of life insurance.
    • Our customized CARE, LIFE, PURE and VIP Reports can help resolve concerns about the adequacy of planning and the performance of existing or proposed policies.
    • Our personal goal setting emphasis can help crystallize long term objectives around family legacy issues, allowing the executive to focus on the business. 
  • Charitable Funding Programming

    • We encourage our clients to look past family and business to those other areas that have ignited their interest and passion. Often life insurance is an effective tool in leaving a financial legacy to preferred charities and ministries.
    • Many companies encourage charitable involvement knowing that developing the philanthropic interests of their leaders can help reflect their company's commitments to helping others.
  • “Life Insurance Made Simple” Seminars

    • Many employees do not have access to quality advice about the amounts and types of life insurance they should consider. We help simplify and demystify the life insurance product and how it can be used to accomplish objectives – all without sales pressure.   We offer advice, not products.
    • Our seminars can be customized to include information about employer sponsored programs so the employees can gain greater appreciation for the benefit dollars the company spends on their behalf.   
  • Discounted Consulting Services for employees
    • Once employees have attended our seminars we can offer discounted fee structures for many of our customized services because they will have made real progress in determining how their own life insurance programs might be arranged. 

Stewardship Support Program (SSP)

  • Ongoing management of life insurance assets to help assure continued alignment with maturing objectives and changing circumstances.


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