Charitable Services

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Life Insurance Appraisal

A qualified appraisal for gifts of life insurance to charity (only for policies with a fair market value greater than $5000)

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P.U.R.E. ℠ Report - Policy Upgrade Risk Evaluation Report

A review of options with an existing policy when considering a proposed “upgrade”

Learn more about the PURE Report

 V.I.P. ℠ Report - Valuation of Insurance Property Report

An actuarial assessment of the present value of an existing life insurance contract

Learn more about the VIP Report

Premium Adequacy Report

A stand alone, quick review to help determine the necessary premium level to keep the policy in force to meet your objectives.

Learn more about the Premium Adequacy Report

Stewardship Support Program (SSP)

Ongoing management of life insurance assets to help assure continued alignment with maturing objectives and changing circumstances.

Learn more about the Stewardship Support Program (SSP)

General Consulting

Project specific support for life insurance uses and policy performance evaluation.

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