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 The year ended rather calmly in the ratings world with only a few changes.  Here are a few additional thoughts we hope you find of interest.

·         Insurers are facing increasing regulation in the near term (they are not alone!) and many remain concerned about capital adequacy under changing models with the ratings agencies. 

·         There seems to be far too much leadership wisdom these days but this thought from Art Petty seemed like one to remember: 

o   Survive those tough leadership days by remembering two things:

§  What does not eat you alive makes you stronger.

§  Cannibalism is outlawed in most countries.

o   So . . . just keep moving forward.

·         Have you begun your social networking?  I just joined Facebook recently - and I am quite fearful of what it portends in terms of time commitment - but even my wife had done it so here I go for 2010.  You might find this of interest - the top three from the top ten topics on Twitter in 2009:

o   News events:  Iran elections  -  swine flu  -  Gaza

o   People:  Michael Jackson - Susan Boyle - Adam Lambert

o   Movies:  Harry Potter - New Moon - District 9

o   TV Shows:  American idol - Glee - Teen Choice Awards

o   Sports:  Super Bowl - Lakers - Wimbledon

·         An insurance note - non-life - Calpers (California Public Employees Retirement System) boosted long term care premiums by 22%.  This is only one example but we hear of continuing increases in cost for long term care.  There are a few policies available in the market with guaranteed premiums your clients may wish to consider if such coverage is important to their financial plans.

·         A final note:  Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric spoke at the United States Military Academy this month and commented on the attributes essential to leadership in the 21st Century.

o   Be better listeners.

o   Be comfortable with ambiguity.

o   Build competency and move with speed.

o   Motivate with vision.


We hope 2009 was a successful year for you and we also hope these updates are of value.  We are eager to hear from you and hope we can help you and your clients with professional, objective advice on any issues surrounding their life insurance assets - without the sales pressure to buy products.  Please call us at 205.414.9955 if we can be of help.

We hope you have a great year in 2010.

 Ratings updates for December 2009



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