Ratings Updates

  •  Genworth has announced they will increase rates on some older Long Term Care (LTC) policies by 18%.

·        LTC is getting more attention  Research is showing how financially stressful caregiving to parents is becoming.  The Trial lawyers have mentioned "denied claims" in a recent report, perhaps a precursor to more litigation. 

·        The Wall Street Journal published a report on October 4 stating life insurance seems to be shifting to a higher income clientele.  LIMRA, an industry research organization, responded pointing out that 73% of the policies issued are for people who earn less than $100,000.  With a government hungry for increased revenue to cover increased spending, this story may be continuing.

·        We have mentioned before that life insurance company Conseco has been facing financial challenges.  They have changed their name to CNO Financial.  This month AM Best and Fitch are no longer rating Conseco.

Elections are now done - You probably do not need any further editorials on the subject so we will watch eagerly to see what the future holds.

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